Did your Bonfire night go off with a BANG? Ours did with Clay Pigeon Shooting!

It’s that time of year again when we get out the woolly hats and gloves and descend en mass on our local schools or sports clubs to enjoy a jolly good night out at the fireworks!

Nothing beats standing in the ice-cold air in your wellies with your friends and family watching the bonfire. Waving sparklers and chatting as they load poor old Guy Fawkes into the flames!

With a rather more sombre origin, Bonfire night is the anniversary of the night Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in rebellion against King James. Sometimes called the Gunpowder Plot, this historical event is the storyline for new Drama ‘Gunpowder’ which we love! (anything with Kit Harrington in it really…)

With a huge Fireworks display going off at Tulleys Farm on the 4th, we absolutely love Bonfire Night.

Fireworks aren’t the only things going off with a bang this time of year at Tulleys however! At our activity centre London, our Clay Pigeon Shooting activity runs all year round and is particularly popular through the winter.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting:

With a brand new 2017 shooting layout we can offer 25, 50, 75 or 100 clay shoots! With varying prices to suit your budget we can cater for everyone! Each session of our outsdoor pursuits is fully instructed. We can have both beginners and more advanced capabilities as well as a range of ages (starting from 12+).

Our sporting layout is designed to emulate live game. We have 5 different traps located in a variety of positions; a high pheasant, grouse, crossing pigeon, rabbit and down the line.

However many cartridges you choose within your package, the first few will be provided as practice cartridges to get you used to aiming the gun, get your stance right and become familiar with holding the gun. You can then begin your competition as you score your rounds!

Or if you fancy slightly less bang we also run Air Rifle Shooting, Archery or Axe Throwing! All great shooting activities that you can try with your mates for some adventure fun!

So, whilst you’re wrapping up warm for some Bonfire fun, don’t forget to book in some ‘banging’ activities at Southern Pursuits first!