Train to be an adventurous Avenger at Southern Pursuits

Who else was excited about the release of the new Avengers Infinity War? Well at Southern Pursuits we are bursting at the seams with excitement! Now is the prime time for us to all get our ‘Avenger training’ activities in. Before Thanos destroys the universe we so dearly know!

Now, the first action of order is to grab all of your trusted friends because we are about to take on one of the strongest creatures in the universe! The more you are able to bring the better, given that the Avengers had around 41 superheroes! (or 76 according to Thor himself!)

So first off, Travel is completely essential when it comes to tracking down Thanos. We have to prevent him from gathering the infinity stones as soon as possible! What better way to get your flight training in with none other than our two fastest outdoor activities on site!

Which activities would we recommend?

Seeing as travelling across the universe in a spaceship is tricky work our Off-Road Karts are the perfect extreme activity to learn the skills of speed!

Not only will have to learn to handle the increase of speed at a phenomenal rate, you will also have to master combating turns, straights and chicanes. Just remember to try to not to exceed 700 jumps like those rag-tag Guardians.

Similarly, our Hovercrafts are an essential activity adventure for learning the skills of flying. You will literally be hovering over the ground at an impressive speed thanks to the 620cc engines!

Although, it is all well and good being able to travel but now is the time to train to defeat Thanos and his evil minions. We have so many outdoor pursuits which are ideal for a sure win!  What better way to get fight ready other than learning to fight like Thor. Think of when he receives his new Axe the Storm Breaker from Nidavellir!

Now, our Axes may not be able to summon lightning or weigh an absolute tonne. Nonetheless our axes are ideal for learning the skills of accuracy and technique.

Once you have had a few practice runs you will then be tested to see if you have the skills to hit every target placed in front of you. Is not as easy as you think! So, if Thor can aim perfectly with one eye, who says you can’t do it better with two!

Do you reckon you have perfect aim like Rocket and Bucky? Well our Clay Pigeon Shooting and Air Rifle Shooting are the textbook activity events to test your team mates as well as yourself!

The Outriders are very fast creatures and we need to have quick reactions to ensure we hit the targets at hand, so what better way to get the training in other than with our Clay Pigeon Shooting.

You will need to have fast reactions when it comes to our Clay Pigeon Shooting. You will need to take on 5 different traps from various positions such as from high pheasant to rabbit!

Or maybe you want to test your accuracy even more with our Air Rifle Shooting? With unlimited pellets there is no doubt that with our tuition and numerous amounts of turns you will be able to achieve perfect grouping.

So, what are you waiting for? The UNIVERSE is depending on you all to try and beat Thanos!