ArgoCat Driving

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Hold on Tight! ArgoCat Driving experience is like driving your own mini-tank! Fill your Multi Activity day with our ArgoCat driving in London Gatwick , it will certainly get your heart racing to make your Activity day out awesome!

Our ArgoCats here at Southern Pursuits are 6 Wheel Amphibious all-terrain vehicle 18 hp vanguard which are designed to go almost anywhere! On land they can do up to 30mph whilst on water they will do 3! These sure do make for a Fun Day out for Adults!

This Outdoor pursuits has no steering wheel – they are controlled by two levers with the ability to lock up one side of 3 wheels to enable it to turn within its own circumference! Yes that’s right 360’s all the way- exactly what you need on an Activity Weekend!

The Outdoor ArgoCat Activity is definitely one of the most challenging outdoor activities in Sussex to control and will even put the most skilled drivers to the test. Their small size makes manoeuvring and drifting in these 6-wheel amphibious vehicles an exhilarating experience. Make sure you hold on tightly as these skid steer machines will definitely have you sliding around corners before you know it! Don’t miss out this activity on your Adventure day in Sussex.

ArgoCat driving in Sussex would make the perfect multi activity day out when combining other activities such as Off Road Karting and Quad Biking in Sussex for a real adrenaline rush!

* Based on shared driving time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ArgoCats tracks like in Sussex?

Our awesome purpose built woodland course has been designed to put both man and machine to the test. Scaling the steepest of slopes, tightest of corners and muddiest of ditches this challenging activity guarantees fun to be had by all!

Do I get to drive on my own?

Although you will be in the driving seat you will be accompanied by an instructor at all times. They will be your co-driver helping you to navigate your way around the course.

How many Argocats are allowed on track at once?

There are a maximum of two Argocats on the track at any one time. Each person in a group receives unlimited goes throughout the hour session. Please note minimum numbers apply. For a group of 5 or less you will receive 1 Argo Cat on the track and for 6 or more you will receive 2 Argo Cats on the track.

Other useful details – Minimum age: 14years old. minimum group size 4 people, in the event that your group does not meet our minimum group size we will do our best to add you to another smaller group.

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