£37.50 per person + VAT

Our hovercraft experience is one of our most thrilling outdoor activities and always one of the most popular choices with groups.

The hovercraft we use – The Marlin 23bhp – is powered by an impressive 896cc engine that sends you flying around our specially designed hovercraft track.

These single seat hovercrafts near London Gatwick make for a breath-taking experience. And the sideways action offers massive amounts of adrenaline fuelled fun. Trust us when we say a hovercraft day will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Our hovercraft experience is now only £37.50 per person + VAT.


How does the hovercraft work?

Hovercrafts work in a specific kind of way. When you get in and start the engine you’ll find yourself hovering inches above land on a cushion of air – with no brakes!

Instead, you’ll have just a few tools to control your hovercraft with:

  • A throttle to pick up speed and go faster
  • Handlebars to steer your way around the track
  • You own weight as a way to speed up, make tight corners, and slow down

Hovercrafting is great for travelling over pretty much any terrain at terrifying speeds but takes some real driving skill to get the balance of speed and control right. It’s really easy to get used to though so with a little bit of concentration you’ll be in control of your craft in no time.

Is there anything I need to know?

Because of how fast hovercrafts go and the lack of brakes, we have a few health and safety rules that we follow:

  • All hovercraft experiences are based on shared driving time
  • No racing is permitted due to health and safety restrictions
  • For groups of six people and above we only allow a maximum of two hovercrafts on the track at any one time in a ‘chase me Charlie’ formation
  • For groups of five people and below we provide one hovercraft on the track at any time
  • All groups receive unlimited laps within the hour session


What our customers say about their hovercraft experiences at Southern Pursuits


“The staff are cool and friendly. This company understands the needs of large can i order clomid online groups and are very efficient. The hovercrafts are awesome and so is the track.” – Charles Williams


“The weather was too wet for us to do the Karting so it was changed to the hovercrafting which was really fun, fast and exciting. For a group of four we had one hovercraft but we didn’t get bored and there was hardly any waiting around!” – Susan Newbold


“Fantastic activity which brightened up a miserable wet day. It was so great being in control of your own vehicle but also having the tuition and supervision of instructors.” – Andy Laurence


Frequently Asked Questions


Do the hovercrafts near London require minimum group numbers?

Yes, we require a minimum group size of four people to run the hovercrafts in Sussex. If your group is smaller than four people we can match you with another small group, so please give us a call to check availability.

Is there a height restriction for the hovercraft experience?

No, there isn’t a maximum height restriction to use our hovercrafts in Gatwick. However, we do have a maximum weight restriction of 18 stone.

Is there an age restriction for hovercrafts?

Yes. You need to be at least 17 to use the hovercrafts.

Can we race the hovercrafts?

No, due to health and safety restrictions you can’t race the hovercafts. There is a maximum of 2 hovercrafts allowed on the track at any one time run in a ‘chase me Charlie’ formation.

Can we use the hovercrafts in any weather?

Hovercrafting is our wet activity and runs parallel to rage buggies, which is our dry activity. So if weather conditions take a turn for the worse and we deem it necessary, we may have to change your activity. However, we always do our best to keep you on your original experience if heath and safety restrictions let us.

We recommend you check the weather as sometimes waterproofs are needed and you can get quite wet flying along our hovercraft track! We have a small stock of waterproofs that can be purchased on arrival should this be required.

*All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions


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